Governments and media organizations are telling us that we are currently in the throes of a global economic crisis, and many of us see evidence of that crisis every day. Millions of jobs are being eliminated, homes and property are being repossessed, and families are being left homeless and destitute in even the wealthiest of nations. Trillions of dollars are being diverted to stimulate floundering economies worldwide. In this time of uncertainty, people have been quick to assign blame to greedy stock brokers and housing speculators, but is that really the root of our current crisis?

The Society for the Abolition of Monetary Exchange (SAME) believes that blame for our current financial crisis does not fall on the shoulders of speculators and wealthy investors; their greed and short-sightedness was only symptomatic of the true root cause of this situation: money.

Money is the basis of all our problems. It serves as our society's primary unit of value, but it is a false value. In the market economy, you are only worth as much as you can spend! In fact, all things in the market economy are ascribed monetary worth. This is a fallacy! By basing worth externally, we lose sight of intrinsic value. iPhones, LCD TVs, and Wii Fits are currently ascribed more monetary worth than food, water, and other key necessities!

SAME believes that the value discrepancies created by the use of money are at the core of all of the injustices and crises currently affecting the world. Our current social hierarchy is flipped on its head, with those who work the hardest receiving the lowest wages and no job security, while those who don't work at all are given reality TV shows and allowed to continue leeching money from their parents' trust funds. Modern capitalism has taught us that the classic Horatio Alger "rags-to-riches" story is bullshit: acquisition of money doesn't allow you to climb the social ladder and live happily ever after - it turns you into an imbecile coke fiend! In a money-free system, all humans are equally valued, instead of having their worth established based on how much money a corporation can make by selling videos of them having sex! There will be no social ladder, since everyone will be working together for a greater good, instead of separately for their own personal gain.

Money is to blame for more than just Paris Hilton, though! Record foreclosures and rising unemployment? No safe, renewable power? The War in Iraq? RIAA and MPAA copyright infringement lawsuits? Hurricane Katrina? Global Warming? All of these have been caused or made worse due to the existence of money! The polar bears in Antarctica don't have any money, and yet they must suffer the consequences of our foolish reliance on a barbaric system of exchange. The homeless woman you passed on the street yesterday is homeless because she has no money. She smells funny because she can't pay for running water. When she stops you to ask for change, remember that the only thing separating the two of you is money (or lack of it).

SAME has a better idea: destroy the roots of this deformed social system and it will crumble, leaving behind an utopian paradise (once we clear away the rubble, of course!). Our vision is of a simpler, more pure world, with enough food, water, and clean, renewable energy to sustain everyone! Without money, there would be no more greed, no more political corruption, and no more wage slavery. In a money-free society, no one will be forced to work monotonous jobs - we will all be free to frolic in the fields, write gratuitously erotic poetry, and paint colorful designs on our faces! Our uncut hair and unshorn beards will flow gently in the breeze as we commune with nature! The polar bears will dance with the penguins on solid blocks of antarctic ice! The homeless woman on the street corner won't ask you for money, because you won't have any either!

These hippies don't need money! They started a commune!

These guys have (had?) plenty of money... do they look happy to you?

This kid has the right idea! Burn your money!

What People Are Saying about SAME

Here are some quotes from major economists in support of our goals:

"I've wasted my life."
-Milton Friedman

"These guys totally have a point! Money really does suck!"
-John Maynard Keynes

"Dude, pass that shit this way... ... ..

... ...seriously, what were we talking about?"
-Alan Greenspan

Take Action!

This is our call to action: burn all of your money and anyone else's money you can get your hands on! You don't need it and neither do they! The more money we can destroy, the closer we'll be to our ultimate goal of a money-free utopia! Go squat on some rural land and start growing vegetables! Craft homemade bows and arrows and hunt rabbits and other wild game! Stitch together leaves and the skins of animals to clothe your bodies (or just run around naked - who are we to judge!?). Drink water from babbling brooks and flowing streams! Share and share alike with those around you, living in harmony with each other and the land! Live life to its fullest, free of the shackles of a money-based economy!

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