"There's a sucker born every minute" P.T. Barnum

Truth in Satire

In case it wasn't already painfully obvious, the page you just read is satire. It is intended to point out the inconsistencies in some of the overly-idealistic anarchist and socialist manifestos out there, while also (hopefully) inspiring people to be a little more critical of the information they are being fed by the media, the government, and the "blogosphere" about our current financial crisis.

In all honesty, I do believe that a lot of our current social problems are caused in part by our system of monetary exchange and the types of interactions it encourages; however, I don't believe that money is the root cause of our social ills. Complacency, greed, envy, lust for power - these things are human, and thus all blame must fall squarely on us. By us I mean everyone - me, you, politicians, teachers, college students, factory workers... we all need to take responsibility for the problems we see around us. For some, that may mean dropping out of a corrupt social and economic system in order to pave the way for other people to do the same. For others, that may mean working within the system in an attempt to educate people and effect positive change. I encourage you, as a human being and as a denizen of this planet to act. Take responsibility for the violence we and our ancestors have inflicted on our world and work to make things right. You may never see a difference in your lifetime, but does that make it any less urgent?

Selected Bibliography

This is an incomplete list of resources I checked out while creating this site. It's impossible for me to list every book, article, or website that influenced this project, so these are the most important.

The Communist Manifesto: Heavily quoted by anarchists, socialists, syndicalists, and any combination of the three. This book may not have started the debate, but it definitely centralized it!

Web pages I referenced while creating this site:

The Post Money Paradise: an extremely idealistic (and equally ridiculous) essay on the benefits of abolishing money. This was the basis for the tone of my satire. Read some of the other articles on the rest of the website if you want to see even more ridiculous claims.

Crimethinc. Ex-Worker's Collective: Crimethinc has a wealth of information about the anarchist movement in America, as well as an excellent store of resources to promote anarchist ideals.

Center for Tactical Magic: The Center is another excellent source of information about anarchist action. Its "Tactical Ice Cream Unit" has been featured in several news reports.